Ontavia Roulette 2020 Collection

Photographed By: Ontavia Roulette




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HAKAMA Pants Sets


Photographed By: Ontavia Roulette


  Hakama are a type of traditional Japanese clothing. These Trousers were used by the Chinese imperial court in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and this style was adopted by the Japanese in the form of hakama beginning in the sixth century. Greatly inspired but the ancient garments Ontavia Roulette presents her Hakama Pant Suit Sets.


Photographed By: Ontavia Roulette

Vintage Perfume

Photographed By: Ontavia Roulette

INTRODUCING: Vintage Perfume Collection


Ontavia Roulette’s mission is to present a new Haute Couture. Innovative yet holding onto the traditional way of Parisian Dress making Ontavia Roulette wants to show the world that America is not all fast fashion. Premiering another collection this past July with breath taking silhouettes, textiles and colors. Ontavia is also proving that the Fashion World is starving for glamor, craftsmanship, and the New Age of Fashion Designers.

A: It’s Such a Pleasure.

O: Thank you.

A: So we’ll jump right in then…

O: Ok. I’m Ready.

A: Vintage Perfume? Where did the Collection Name come from? What inspired you?

O: like many designers it never develops from one place. I have a lot of my inspiration already with me from past experiences. I have a great love for film especially movies about obsession. I first started with Tom Tykwer’s “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” its a very dark and grotesque film filled with flowers. Have you seen it?

A: No. I haven't.

O: Well you should its very good. Its also very vibrant. beautiful. You would be surprised. It almost justifies what he’s done and why he has done it. Murdering in the name of art. Art is love. Love of self. It’s twisted.

A: Hmmm.

O: I also studied Hieronymus Bosch Panels of “The Garden of Earthly Delights” The pinks, greens, white skin, the celebrated black figures, flowers, sexuality, Heaven and Hell. That art is why Jasmine was selected as the Model for the collection. She was the essence of all the panels combined.

A: Yes I saw the images she is gorgeous. I will have to look at the panels again it has been so long. But his art reminds me of more medieval times. Is that where the Vintage comes in?

O: No. I can see how you would think medieval but for “The Garden of Earthly Delights” I think it is timeless. Heaven is an eternity, Hell is forever, and people have tried to find pleasure in life as long as mankind has been. The “Vintage” Part comes from the second film that inspired this collection the Black Cult Classic “Eve’s Bayou”

A: OOoooh. I see exactly where this is going.

O: I mean! Black, 1950’s ,Louisiana, privileged, Creole, Gifted People. that was my missing piece. It is my top 5 favorite movies. Once I added it to the equation the sketches poured out of me it was so clear.

A: did you consider photographing a red head for the images?

O: I did but that didn't work out, but I think having the opportunity to shoot @sex_ art_ lu in the black gown before the full collection release really set the tone. Cree is magical.

A: Yes those are beautiful images. you do all your photography don't you

O: Yes. Not the images of Cree. That was what I like to call a family collaboration. lifting each other up, bring creative together. Its extremely fulfilling.

A: Why didn't you release everything at once?

O: Like on the website, social media, email blast?


O: I want my work to be advertised to the right people. I don't care about the influencers, they don't wear my garments, the models do, the magazines want them, the editors want to use the samples. I want my gowns in the right place. On the red carpet not on the timeline. Ill release it to everyone in due time. The first people other then my business mailing list (editors, stylist, clients) to see the rest of the collection will be those who have signed up for my mailing. list.

A: Well I’m very happy to be a part of your business list. When that email came though. I was floored. I truly wish you success with this collection. So, what’s next?

O: New York Fashion Week.

A: Then?

O: The World.

A: Nice. Thank you for your time.



Featuring @theprimpysheep

Photographed By: Ontavia Roulette

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Collaboration with Shoptini!


A bridal boudoir session can consist of you in your wedding gown or in a wedding inspired gown like the one I’m wearing here from Ontavia Roulette. Wrapped in tulle I felt like a princess and a little sexy too. I’m completely covered but there is enough skin showing to set the tone of sweet and sultry


Photographed By: Ontavia Roulette

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